Sunday, September 6, 2009


Debbie Harry is one of our biggest fashion icons of all time, hands down, and after Vogue Paris recently honored her through a great ed, we wanted to do the same. She ruled the stage with fierceness and her style was like no other, always irreverent and sexy, she continues to inspire new generations of girls everywhere and we'll never stop crushing on her.
Debbie Harry es, sin lugar a duda, uno de nuestros más grandes íconos de moda de todos los tiempos y después que Vogue París la honró recientemente con un editorial, quisimos rendirle tributo también. Debbie dominó los escenarios con ferocidad y poseía un estilo inigualable; siempre irreverente y sexy, continúa inspirando a nuevas generaciones de chavas alrededor del mundo y nunca dejaremos de estar perdidamente enamorados de ella.


Anonymous said...


Peter Andre said...

Debbie Harry is definitely a great fashion icon, plus I love the music of Blondie. Heart of Glass makes me want to dance and sing every time I hear it.

Ambush Studio said...

Oh for sure! we adore her and that Guccy by Gucci ad made that song even greater! looove it.

Fatima said...

Love the pics!

Anonymous said...

What I want to know is WHY WHY WHY was Debbie Harry who had the most beautiful photogenic face in the world in the 70s/80s never put on your front cover it defies me. Every other magazine in the world at that time had her face on the front cover but yours? How about putting a now still beautiful Iconic 65yr old Debbie Harry on the front cover. Go on be the first its time you made it up to her and shock the world.

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